Fritz casino Review


Fritz casino – the old chap following the trends of the modern times.
We know that there are many online casinos out there and that many new ones are appearing every day. But it is not without reason why we decided to do this Fritz Casino review and present it to you.

The brand new fresh look of one of the pioneers in the online casinos.

The Fritz Casino review is here to give you an insight about the maybe forgotten Fritz casino, which was first launched back in 1994 and for the past 20 years has built its reputation as one of the top online casinos in the world and is still nowadays visited by people who had signed up even 20 years ago! And one certainly doesn’t stay loyal if it is not worth it!

Our Fritz Casino review was impressed with its revamped look and how even 20 years later, this online casino is functioning perfectly well and is following the trends in the online casino games.

  • Huge selection of games, with a database that is frequently updated
  • $75 bonus when you first sign up
  • $100 bonus after staying a loyal customer for a year; increases for $50 each
  • Following year you stay with Fritz Casino
  • Possibility to upgrade your beginner’s status by collecting points as you play and move to higher levels, where the higher you move, the more benefits you get.
  • Fantastic animations and cool sounds
  • Dedicated tech support around the clock
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand FAQ section

Fritz Casino Review

With our Fritz Casino Review we wanted to show that if something is old, doesn’t mean it is boring and plain. The Fritz Online Casino is a perfect example for that. Do not hesitate. See it yourself today!